17 Month Transition

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Almost to a 1 1/2 of transitioning and being natural! I didn’t do any trimming, so a few of my ends are still a wee bit permed. I’m just sharing some pictures on how my hair looks at its 17 month mark.

I needed to do something with my hair for my recovery time during my medical leave. I twisted my hair ithout looking in a mirror. I’m not the best at doing hair, so it’s not some decor to look at. LOL! I was waiting for surgery when these pictures were taken. This was actually end of February. I rolled the ends up with rollers and took the rollers out in the front.


They were two-stand, flat twists, and they actually held up for 3 weeks until I took it down to take the below pictures. My hair is a wee damp so that I could handle it. I just sprayed the twists with water before unraveling them. I put them up in individual sections, put my conditioner one each section, and rinse them out. That’s my washing routine now.


My hair actually looked more like an Afro-like in the seventies! Pretty cool! I think it’s grown more since I last saw it before the twist. Hmmmm.

Next month, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my hair since I’m going to retwist it back up until I go back to work. As for going out, I’m not doing much of that lately, but if I need to, I just put my hat on.

Until Next Time!