Hair Transitioning Month 8

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So, I’m back and have, of course (heh. heh.) MORE PICTURES!  As I stated in my Fairy Knot Horror Movie blog in May (which I just posted up today but put it for the May month), I had to cut some more hair.  I’ve been doing the Mayonaise and Leave-In Conditioning every weekend and it’s making my hair very soft and manageable. However, I had to cut a bit more hair every weekend as well. But I think I’m done now… I think.

Ayway, I also bought this brush to help keep my roots for twisting and help with detangling. I really, really like this brush. It make my roots puffy though, but that’s what my natural hair is turning into and what I will start accepting as my hair. My new growth of natural hair is not like the natural hair I’ve seen in other videos, and I remember one video stating not to make the mistake that YOUR hair is going to look like HER hair. It’s VERY different from what I was expecting.


So here’s my 8th month transition pictures.

At this point, I can feel the natural hair, and I also see the stringy permed hair when it’s wet. It looks funny.

0627011440   0627011442  0627011445

But on some good days, like below, I can get the twists just right.


I’m hanging in there, despite all the mishaps. I’m really gonna keep going

My husband keeps asking me, “Uh, so how is this easier than what you were doing before?”  LOL!  It’s NOT because I’m still learning what I need to do and every month it keeps changing. For instance, in Month 7 & 8, my flat twists stopped working and I had to go back to just twist outs. Then that stopped working and I went back to my flat twists. Go figure. I don’t know why. Something to do with the new growth…WHICH I CAN FEEL NOW!

Month 7 didn’t look much different than month 5, but after I started my conditioning and cut out that bad hair, month 8 is a big difference in my roots growth. And I’m so looking forward to it being longer again…which would be another year or two.

Until Next Time! 🙂