Hair Transitioning Month 10

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I just wanted to put up an entry for Month 10. I don’t have any pictures, but just to say Month 10 was the same as Month 9.

But I got LOTS of pictures for Month 11.

Just so that this month won’t be too brief…I wanted to put two things down.

In the past, I would read posts and watch videos of women stating not to do this or that…but they never give the reasons WHY? Like, one said not to keep transitioning past 1 year. Why? And other said not to wash your hair in the sink. WHY?

Well, I think I found the answers for those two statements…I think.

1) Statement: Stop transitioning after 1 year
Maybe Answer: Because everything keeps breaking off! LOL! You should have enough hair now to pull your hair back, and the line between the natural and the perm hair (the demarcation line) gets harder to deal with. I’m getting a lot of balls of hair just hanging and falling off.

2) Statement: Don’t wash your hair in the sink
Maybe Answer: I didn’t understand this one since I use a strainer for the hair if any comes out, but, someone else stated to wash your hair in the shower to avoid having to detangle so much. So, to wash your hair, you should not pile it up on top of your head and in a sink, it kind of does that and it gets a bit tangled.

Okay…NOW on to Month 11….