Simple Hair Wash Routine for Natural Hair

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I just love the internet! People share their neat ideas and they’re WONDERFUL!!

I’ve started a new way of washing my hair, and it’s SO MUCH EASIER to do.

I got the instructions from Naptural85 two YouTube videos:

Washing “Natural Hair” Easy Method

DIY Homemade Natural Shine Enhancing

It saves me water being in the shower AND it detangles all at the same time!!

The bottom line is to:

STEP 1) Spray your hair generously with water.

(I sprayed to the point where it’s not quite dripping, but enough to maneuver around.)

STEP 2) Section hair and put them up in elastic bands — I made about 8 or 9 sections. Below is the wet sectioned hair.

(I used Goody Ouchless…stole them from my daughter’s stash. I know. Bad Mommy. Heh. heh.)

goodyoutchless   12MonthSideWash

STEP 3) Take each section and coat it with your conditioner. Twist it and put it back up in the elastic band.

Below is the hair with conditioning — I use Alberto Vo5 Moisture Milks Passion Fruit. This also Helps Detangle!!!

(I have to work with how much conditioner to use. I think I’ve been using too much which will make me run out quicker)

12MonthTwistWash   12MonthTwistFrontWash  12MonthTwisrBackWash

STEP 4) Go to the shower and rinse each section out, starting with the top, and twist it together again and put the elastic back on it. Rinsing in the shower also keeps the hair from detangling from the downward water motion. And twisting it back up helps it keep from tangling up too.

STEP 5) Place towel around the hair to dry. MAKE SURE to squeeze each twist really good, because it hold a lot of water.

STEP 6) Take down each section of your hair, apply your Leave in Conditioner on each section, and let air dry leaving the elastic band off and untwisted

STEP 7) When 90% dry, section hair again and apply your oil(s)

(I use Coconut Oil and then put in my Three-Strand Twist–8-9 sections)

And you’re DONE!  I’ve been doing this for the past few weekends and it’s been working great!

I also did this with my Protein Conditioning: 2 Eggs, 4 spoons of Mayonnaise, 2 Tablespoons of Honey.

But you have to get into the shower TWICE–1) to rinse out Mayo and 2) Rinse out Conditioner. I’ll try this again with my sprayer in the sink to rinse out each section of Mayo hair, and then putting conditioner on the sections and then go and rinse it out in the shower.

When Twist Out’s Don’t Work–Three Strands do!!

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3StrandTwistDiagramSo yeah, my twist-outs with the normal Two-Strands just don’t work anymore. I don’t know whyyyyeee (I’m whining here).

You know how it goes with natural hair. It’s natural, alright, naturally free to do what the heck it chooses to do. It can’t make up it’s mind… it keeps changing what it wants to do….it wants to do one thing, on one day, and the next day, it wants to do something else….  Just like a darn woman, I tell ya! 🙂

I found out that my hair liked the Three Strand Twists instead…AND GEL (or flaxseed gel). I kept wondering how the women on the YouTube videos and other pictures have these twisted braids that look so thick and shiny.  GEL (or flaxseed gel). I kept thinking maybe it was because my hair was not completely natural so it wouldn’t create thick, pretty twists.  But now I’m thinking their Twist Outs were created with the Three-Strand twist…AND GEL (or flaxseed gel). They just say “Twist” so maybe it’s Three. That’s what it looks like.

I know I said I wouldn’t be doing the Three Strand anymore, but the darn hair stated otherwise. It was hard to do…at first. Now that I’ve been doing them for a few weeks, yeah it’s a bit slower than the Two-Strands, but it looks a lot better. You can take a looksie at my 1 year Transition pictures to see.

But yeah, the Three Strands Works better than the Two-Strands, so if you’re having a bit of time, I would give it a try out…PLUS GEL (or flaxseed gel).

  1. Make sure your hair is damp and the ends coated with Coconut Oil. ADD GEL TO THE HAIR.
  2. Starting with Three strands of hair, always take the outer strand and wrap around the two other strands.
      • A over B and C
      • B over C and A
      • C over A and B
      • A over B and C again.

At first they would unravel at the roots, but I kept thinking “ROPE” and twisting all the hair tightly as I twisted the strands. That kept the roots from unraveling. Sometimes I use a clip close to the roots to help.

I’ll be sticking with the Three-Strand Twists…until my hair “DECIDES” it wants to change next month….or next week. Heh.

Until Next Time!!