13 Months…Almost Completely Natural

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So…. Remember when I said I won’t be cutting my ends anytime soon? Well…. That didn’t happen.

Heh. Heh.

I ended up cutting the majority of the permed ends because I was so tired of the limpies…the limps, the limpy.

I figured that keeping my hair moist would work better without having to deal with the ends that won’t stay curled. And it did. Cuting the ends made things SOOOO much easier. 

Of course, my hair is much shorter than I wanted it to be (just like when I had to cut off a lot due to the fairy knots), but it’s extremely more manageable.  It seems that the more natural hair growth I get, the easier it gets.

Here’s the Second cut of trimmings of my ends. The first amount of trims looked just like this.


And here’s what it looks like now with my pulled-back hairdo.  It doesn’t look too much different.



I’m continuing on with my journey along with finding a WONDERFUL hat that I can use whenever I just don’t have my hair did: Women’s Throwback Knit Beret with Brim. I found it on my favorite site, Amazon! I actually bought three different types of hats, but this one was my favorite. Even my Mom wanted one, so I bought her one too. Underneath this hat is my wet hair, with plastic cap and satin bonnet. It was, again, one of those days where I just washed my hair and I needed to go out really fast.

November2011 - Beret

Awesome Hat!  Until Next Time!