The End?

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So, here we are at the end of the month again, and again I’ve cut my ends. This time I noticed that there were more natural curls than straight, stringy hair…the perm ends. I’m not sure if I got everything, but maybe. I won’t know until another 4-6 weeks when I cut my ends again.

Here’s what I cut (below). I cut A LOT. But I haven’t had any, ANY, fairy knot problems. I’ve noticed that if I keep the hair in sections, twisted and rinse off each section at a time, I don’t have problems with knots…at all! If I try just washing my hair like I did when I had perm hair, just mush it all up, scrubbing and washing…I get knots Galor! I might have mentioned that before, but I decided to state it again. The section-hair-washing-thing has greatly kept my knots away.


So, here’s what it now looks like at work after the hair cut.

16montha    16monthb

Looks like I went backwards and not have the length I wanted, but it might just be the End of the Permed hair. Like I said, I’ll know for sure at the next hair cut. Sorry, I look so pitiful in my picture. Haven’t been my happy self lately 🙂

Until Next Time?