18 Month Transition– Actually THE END

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Here we are again, with lots and lots of pictures!! These actually are for APRIL 2012, but I’m just now loading them up in May.

I’ve been on medical leave and put my hair up in twists for 6-weeks, using only hats whenever I went out. I only took it down twice during that time to wash and trim and get the excess shedding hair out. Here are the pictures for the second washing of that.

First, I took my hair down after spraying it A LOT with water.


Then I section my hair so that I can then put in my mayonnaise. I ran out of those clips with teeth on one side, so I used normal long clips on the other side. Also, I only used the teeth clips because I also did my mayonnaise/egg combination (2 eggs, 3 tablespoon of mayonnaise). Sorry, the fourth picture is very blurry, but it has the mayonnaise in it.

April2012topapril2012sideclipb   april2012sideclip  April2012wash

When I do the mayonnaise/egg protein conditioning, I make use of stuff…like my daughter’s food mat. Yeah! I really like this idea because I can still sit in the living room and make a mess without messing up the carpet.  Pictures below is her Winnie The Pooh food mat, which, being now 2 1/2 years old, she no longer needs. So, Mommy’s using it!


Starting from Left to Right for the picture below are all the items I use for my mayonnaise/egg and then conditioner routine. I made some closer images of the items as well.

  1. Scissors for trimming
  2. Hair clips
  3. Plastic gloves for applying the messy mayonnaise/egg mixture
  4. The mayonnaise/egg mixture in bowl
  5. Shea Butter Mix with Almond, Jojobo, and Coconut Oil
  6. Ouchless hair ties
  7. More hair clips
  8. Wide-tooth comb
  9. Rollers (flexi rods or ) to hold the 3-strand twists
  10. Two plastic hair caps to cover over the clips
  11. Vo5 Passion Fruit Conditioner
  12. Almond Oil
  13. Jojoba Oil 
  14. Hand towel to wipe up drips

April2012stuffall  aprilstuffa

After rinsing out the mayonnaise in the sink, I then put the conditioner in and rinse that out in the shower. I applied the oils and then, when twisting, I used my Shea-butter mixture. Below is the bags on my head for when I had the conditioner sit in my head for awhile.

april2012bags  april2012bagsside

Here is the hair shedding and trimming starting from left to right.

  1. Hair that came out when I applied just water and while sectioning hair
  2. Hair that came out after the mayonnaise/egg rinse
  3. Hair that came out while putting in the conditioner
  4. Hair that I trimmed (that’s in the bag)

This was the final trim of getting out the last bits of permed hair. Most of the hair was cute little, natural curls.


Here’s the result at work after all of the hard work. It’s the first time I had it out after six weeks of being in flat twists.


I must say, I do love the little afro puffs when I section out my hair, and now, my hair is so much easier to deal with, especially without the bits of perms ends.

Though, I will still complain that this is A LOT of work!!…. I’m still enjoying the adventure

Until Next Time!!