20 Month Natural

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Soooo… I took a cruise in July and had a great ole time. I’m using my same ole hair do, nothing fancy because I don’t have time to figure out any fancy stuffs. So this hair-do is basically all I do…every day.

In the picture below, i’s kind of flat on one side because I didn’t fluff it out a bit after lying on it for a nap, but it looked very nice during the portraits.

Ok. Just sending a real quick update. I really don’t have much more to add. I’m still washing my hair once a week with putting my conditioner on sectioned hair and rinsing off. I’m also now using shea butter mixed with jojoba oil and almond oil that I only put in after I wash my hair — once a week.

I’ve even stopped wearing my shower cap in the shower so I can get some moisture on my hair before bedtime. It mostly soaks up the lower back of my head, but I spread it around. I don’t put my entire hair under the water, but I just let it get wet while I bathe. The coconut oil is on my hands, that I use on my body after a shower, is basically what I do after the shower on my hair as well…just the remnants of it, not a whole lot, and I do that every night.

In the morning, I use my sprints of oil and water, and put my scarves on, and night cap, for my commute drive to work.

That’s about it! Takes me less than 3 minutes to do my hair in the morning…which I am completely Loving it! It actually about the same amount of time I took to do my hair with my perm, where I have to take out rollers, brushed it back, and use a banana clip. Hmmm…it might take less time.  I had thought I would have to take sooo much time on my hair, but now that the transition is over, it’s a piece of cake. It’s a lot less time to do my hair and work with it, and that is what I wanted and I am quite okay with that!

Until Next Time!