5th Month and 7th Month Hair Transition to Natural

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The 5th month transition was Hell! All of the measuring and conditioning I was doing with the oils, seemed to no longer work. My hair wasn’t as soft and manageable as before because of my curly naps.

So, I stopped.  It was a good beginning and a good start though. And I missed those days. Things seemed easier then.

I’ve now gone to just using conditioner (co-wash) once a week and only using shampoo if I feel a build up of gunk in my hair.  I put a quarter-coin-size of Almond Oil in my hand and put it all over my hair. Then I do that again. Then I take the JoJoba oil and do the same thing. Just twice per oil, and only the size of a quarter squirt in the hand. Any more than those four squirts and your hair will be really, really oily the next day.

As for deep conditioning and moisturizing, I’ve used the yogurt for the protein, but since I don’t eat yogurt, I only did it a few times. So now I’m going to try mayonnaise and eggs since I’ve got plenty of that stuff in the refrigerator. And I’ll do that at least once a month. As for as following up with a moisturizing conditioner…well, I’ve stopped that. Just didn’t have the time.

I’m still using the spray bottle of the JoJoba Oil and water every night and I still put my hair up in twists every night as well with the Flexi Rods (or RimRods). I live in Houston, Texas, so wearing my hair out all the time…I can do that. 

I’ve stopped using a comb. I simply separate it with my hands and I bought two Tail Combs to make the parts in my hair. I’ve found that I can no longer just use a regular comb to part my hair because it’s just too thick. But the Tail Combs make REALLY straight lines, and I carefully pull the hair apart to reveal the line. I’ve never used one before, and I LIKES IT!


In the 5th month, I found out that the Twist-Outs were no longer working and by my 7th month I was getting Fairy Knots GALLOR!

I’m going to write a separate posting on those issues.

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