About Deana Zhollis

CruiseOct2013Deana Zhollis, that’s my pen name. I’m a African-American Science Fiction & Fantasy Romance Author.

I once had this Movable Type Blog because I was looking for a Blog application back in 2008 and I decided on that one..at first, to discuss about writing. I didn’t use the blog because Movable Type was…Just. TOO. DIFFICULT.  Then I tried Blogger. Didn’t use it. (You can see my adventure for a blogging here).

I decided on WordPress because, frankly, it’s simple and it’s a much User Friendly application for those of us who don’t know much about html.

BUT, back then, since I had a blog on that Movable Type application already installed (and put a lot of hours into figuring it all out), I figured I would use it for my 2nd Blog site to jot down my transition from relaxed to natural hair….just for a fun side project.

I began transitioning in October 2010, or rather, that was the last time I permed/relaxed my hair.  I did a lot, A LOT, of internet research on what I should do and developed my own weekly regime on transitioning my hair. Rather it would work or not… I really didn’t know. But I figured I would try it out, and I could always go back to perming my hair if I didn’t like it.

I never went back.

And so, I continue to update this hair blog site, from time-to-time, to tell about my journey of being Natural. And since I enjoyed it so much, I moved my blog from Movable Type to WordPress. And then Movable Type discontinued. And I was relieved that I moved….right on time!

So…here I am, sprinkling my own thoughts and ideas of this strange new me with my strange new hair.

And I’m loving it!!

My Main Web Page: Zhollis

Self-Publishing Blog Page: Dream Notion