For Continuous Enjoyment–Use Shea Butter

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Jan14_2014BirthdatPicI’m enjoying, enjoying, enjoying, my natural hair.

I didn’t think there would be a day that I would actually LIKE my hair. I’m even getting used to it not looking so “perfect and smooth”.

What I don’t like is the days that I’m so lazy and don’t take care of my hair and it looooookkksss so dry and messy!

Shea Butter is the KEY to making my hair look glossy and not so DRY looking.

After my Sunday washing, I put in my Shea Butter in (I microwave it, and in it’s liquid form, I mix in: Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, and a bit of lavender oil for scent). A fresh wash and Shea Butter is the key for shiny, pretty, thick hair. Without it, it will look so dry, dry, dry, dry, dry …. and YES! I’m repeating myself.

I can’t believe that I’m still at it. I thought I would go back to perms with the amount of time and stress and transitioning I had to undergo, but now that I’m here (3 years later–staring in October 2010), that journey has benefited me A LOT.

And I don’t regret it in the least!

Until Next Time!