Hair Transitioning Month 11

Here I am!  Almost up to a year!  And still complaining. LOL!!

Man. I hate having to deal with this HAIR!!  But here we are.

Month 11 has been a bit easier on me. It’s appears to be more manageable. I now can feel the natural hair and actually SEE it. The perm hair looks even more odd than ever. But, I think I’ll keep it in until I can’t stand it anymore, or it all breaks off (which it appears to be doing anyway), which isn’t very good, but it keeps happening.

I have more pictures for you. And a new style I began to work with. This month, I really couldn’t do the twist-outs anymore..again. The ends just lay limp and I couldn’t get it to work. I don’t know why. It just stopped.

Then I decided to pull my hair back and do the THREE-STRAND TWISTS. You know, I kept wondering why some of the twists in the YouTube videos looked fuller. I kept thinking it was because they had all natural hair, but I’m beginning to think it’s because of the Three-Strand Twist.  I’m not very good at it and it took me too much time to do. But I kind of figure out how to do it.

Here’s a diagram of how you take three strands of hair, and pull the furthest strand over the other two strands, and you keep doing that. I’m not an artist, so I couldn’t draw how it looks all wrapped, but I did kind of draw out what it looks like when you do it. How to position your fingers and hands…I have no clue. I think, after awhile of doing it, you get to figure it out. As for me, I won’t be doing them anytime soon again, because they took too long for me to learn.


Hope this helps you out on the “theory” of what to do.Just always take the outer strand over the center and other strand.

I’ve also just roll my twists up all the way to my head. I stopped trying to roll just the ends months ago. They kept coming out anyway. I think I did about 11-13 rollers. Sorry, I forgot to write down the number and then tried to figure it out in my picture.

IMAG0040    IMAG0042

In the morning, I use wet fingers to comb it all back, and my Tangle Teezer brush to pull back just the front and sides. Then I use the Aloe Vera 100% Gel and tied it down with a satin scarf. My commute is about 45 minutes, so it flattens down pretty good by the time I get to my destination…and it lasts all day.

IMAG0024    IMAG0015   uppullside

I wanted to show you what happened with newly washed hair and then trying to rush out the door when the hubby wanted to go to a fancy restaurant at the last minute. 

So, here’s my hair all wet after washing it with VO5 Passion Fruit Conditioner and coating with the Hair Mayonnaise Leave In Conditioner.

IMAG0047    IMAG0049   IMAG0056       IMAG0063

And here’s my hairstyle that  didn’t work so good with the hair pins and twists.

IMAG0034  IMAG0032    IMAG0033

So I had to put on a snood to cover it up. Mine you, it’s freshly washed and wet, but this worked just fine.

IMAG0035  IMAG0037   IMAG0036  IMAG0038

I put on some large, hoop, earrings, and we went out the door.

Wow. Lots of pictures this month, I know, but I had to make up for missing Month 10.

Until next time!