3rd WEEK – Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair

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Okay, we’re on Week 3, which is Step 13 on my list. And…guess what?  We’re conditioning again!  Yep! Gottah keep that hair breakage away.


On Step 5, The Moisture Deep Conditioning with just water and oil, I consider that an “Oil Based”
Conditioning. This Step, Step 13, I consider as an “Oil Based” Conditioning as well.

FIRST Wash Hair with Cheap Conditioner



4 TBS Olive Oil or Almond Oil

   OR 2 TBS of Olive
or Almond and 2 TBS of Coconut Oil (Melt in Microwave)

1 TBS Jojoba Oil (Optional)

NOTE: Any kind of Oil as long as it equal 5 Tablespoons


Apply to wet/newly washed hair, put on shower cap, wrap cap
with a towel for 20 min – 2hr.. Wash out hair again with cheap conditioner then
dry hair 90% and do Step 8 for Twist Outs.

THE NEXT FOLLOWING DAYS: Do the same thing as the rest of the days. 

STEP 11. Spritz, Twist Outs, Cover head for bed