Things To Know About Transitioning

Here’s a list that I’ve learned while transition from permed to relax for the year (October 2010 – February 2012).

  1. You really don’t need a lot of “products” to transition, just: Water, Conditioner, Shampoo (only for clarifying), Oils, Protein Condition (4 Spoon Mayonnaise, 2 Eggs, 1 Tablespoon of Honey), Leave-In Conditioner and Aloe Vera 100% Gel for styling.
  2. Having my hair very damp before twisting make for better twists. And Three-Strand Twists worked better as more natural hair grows in (See When twist Outs Don’t Work–Three Stands Do!!)
  3. Protein Conditioning really helps breakage and fairy knots (4 Spoon Mayonnaise, 2 Eggs, 1 Tablespoon of Honey) and Cutting the Ends. Leave-In Conditioner aids with helping as well.
  4. Even my relaxed hair looked SO much better than ever before. It no longer looked dry, but shiny and healthy. With weekly hair wash with only conditioner and daily sprays of water, the perm looked better than ever!
  5. Coconut Oil does harden your hair during the winter, so use with other oil or just at the ends or not at all and use the other oils
  6. Any of the oils would work during transitioning. I mainly used Coconut Oil, and used the rest of the oils (JoJoba and Almond) in my spritz (3/4 water and 1/4 oil). Other Oils, which I don’t use, but you can, are: Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rosemary Oil, Safflower Oil, Sweet Almond Oil.
  7. Regular Shampoo will work just as well as Apple Cider Vinegar. It strips the oils and cleans (eliminates build up), thus clarifying
  8. As the months went on, I barely needed to use my wide-tooth comb. I mainly just used my hands.
  9. To flatten my hair to pull back in a bun, I just used a lot of water and Aloe Vera 100% Gel; then tie down with a scarf. After 20 minutes, it’s flattened! If I wait longer, like do it before going to bed, it stays flat better.
  10. Scarves have been my best friend! You can use them around your edges before putting on a bonnet to prevent the sides of the hair from breaking, and use them to flatten your hair, and use them as accessory pieces.
  11. Knee-High stocking helps with Tie-Back hair styles
  12. Keeping a bonnet over my head when indoors, also helps protecting it from breakage
  13. Wetting hair and putting conditioner on sections of hair, then washing out, is a lot easier for me to wash hair (See Simple Hair Wash Routine); and IT KEEPS AWAY KNOTS!!
  14. Despite the complaints and frustrations (Ugh!)…It has actually been pretty fun! 🙂