19 Month Natural

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Okay, some I’m posting this in July but gonna change the date for June because of my June pics.

I wanted to show you how I put my hair up for work. I used a thin satin scarf to hold back my hair and another scarf around my sides to keep the sides down. This sits on my hair during my 45 minute commute while I drive. Oh yeah, and a satin night cap for for the Afro puff on the damp hair.

Cover Junetop2012    CoverJune2012SideCoverJune2012DoRag

And this is how my hair looks after I take the scarf and night cap off

June2012Front     June2012topside

I had trimmed the ends this month of June as well.

Just showing off how my hair is looking during this summer in Houston. And it’s been very, very easy to keep it going.

Ok..now for July pictures.