My Natural Hair is NOT Growing!!

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2014JulyNaturalBeing that I’m in Houston, I can pretty much get away with wearing my hair out all of the time. But then, my job changed and I had to wear a hardhat for a period of time…about six months.
I had no idea how much my hair was growing until I was, again, able to wear my hair out on a regular basis.
In just those few months, my hair had REALLY grown!!
So, now I’m a TRUE BELIEVER of protecting your hair.
Wearing your hair out is supposed to be ONLY for those special occasions, but I just can’t help it. I like wearing my hair out, and Houston’s weather allows me to do that. But, for me to be honest with myself, for my hair to really grow, I had to keep it twisted up; and I only believed it because I HAD to protect it while wearing my hard hat…and then it GREW!

For four (4) years, my hair was “kind of” growing, but not as long as other women who’s been natural for the same amount of time. My hair should be down my back after these many years…
But… I kept wearing it out.

Now that it’s grown this length…I still wear it out. LOL!! Yeah. I can’t help it.

The first picture is basically been my length for several years, and the 2nd picture is what I do every night before bed–spray with water, and twist it up.What I have noticed is that now that my hair is a certain, longer, length, it still continues to grow a bit more faster than when it did the first several years.Or it could just be all in my mind, because I’m just not use to this length yet.I’ll know for sure in a few months…next year…when I still haven’t learned my lesson about always wearing my hair out. LOL!!!

Until Next time!

November 2013 October 2014 (Excuse my Sleepiness)
IMAG1652 twistOct2014natural1

Natural Hair and Hardhats

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HardHatBeing in an office environment, I’ve had the perks of wearing “office wear”. And then came a time when I had to wear…a hard hat.

I had NO idea what to do with my HAIR!!!!!

My job required that I wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for me to do what I do, my magic, in programming on a construction site. Then there’s the thing I had to face–the hardhat issue and my natural hair.

For all my time being natural, I’ve always worn it out. It’s not what you’re suppose to do, but since I leave in Texas, the weather here allowed me to do this. I never went to “protective styling”. I wore it slicked back with an afro.

But an Afro can’t go under a hardhat. So, I had to figure out what to do with my hair in order to get it under that hat!
So, back to my wonderful two-twists that I use to wear ALL the time when I had permed hair. It was the style I always did when I just didn’t want to deal with curling. And I wasn’t quite sure if I could do it again with natural hair. I mean, my hair is so THICK now.

Lucky was on my side. I went online to see what others did with natural hair and I didn’t find much. But, I did find a short forum and one person mentioned twisting up their hair. Once I knew it was possible, I tried it out.

And it worked!

IMAG1863 IMAG1862 MeInHardHat

So, I’m all geared up with my steel-toe boots, safety glasses, earplugs, vest and…hardhat. My natural hair has grown long enough to wear a deceit hairstyle. Actually, my favorite style. With water, a good clean hair wash, and shea butter, it worked well. And I opted for a side part instead of one right in the middle. This is a protective style, but not one I could have done when my hair first started in. 3 1/2 years later, now I can, even though I didn’t know I could.


And I SWEAR my hair is doing better for it with this protection-of-my-hair-ends thingy. I’ll let you know how much faster it’s growing while it’s all tightened up and placed in safety.

Well, that’s it for me! And I hope this helps out for everyone else who has to get their hands dirty out there.

Until Next time!

For Continuous Enjoyment–Use Shea Butter

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Jan14_2014BirthdatPicI’m enjoying, enjoying, enjoying, my natural hair.

I didn’t think there would be a day that I would actually LIKE my hair. I’m even getting used to it not looking so “perfect and smooth”.

What I don’t like is the days that I’m so lazy and don’t take care of my hair and it looooookkksss so dry and messy!

Shea Butter is the KEY to making my hair look glossy and not so DRY looking.

After my Sunday washing, I put in my Shea Butter in (I microwave it, and in it’s liquid form, I mix in: Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, and a bit of lavender oil for scent). A fresh wash and Shea Butter is the key for shiny, pretty, thick hair. Without it, it will look so dry, dry, dry, dry, dry …. and YES! I’m repeating myself.

I can’t believe that I’m still at it. I thought I would go back to perms with the amount of time and stress and transitioning I had to undergo, but now that I’m here (3 years later–staring in October 2010), that journey has benefited me A LOT.

And I don’t regret it in the least!

Until Next Time!

3 Years And Counting!!

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IMAG1526So yep, I haven’t posted in awhile, but I wanted to give my update. I made my three (3) year mark in October and so far I have not regretted going Natural. At first, I thought it would be more time consuming, but it really isn’t.

My Routine

  • Sunday – Slap on cheap conditioner. Sit with a plastic cap while watch a movie. Rinse out. Add Shea butter* to each individual twist and twist is back up. About 2 hours
  • Monday – Saturday – Spray bottle filled with only Water and spray hair at night. Twist up into eight (8) two-pair twists. Place on satin night cap. In Morning, Spray hair with water again, take out twits, slick back with 100% Aloe Vera gel, tie down and remove after 1 hour commute to work.
  • Monthly – Trim Ends….That is if I can remember to do that.

*Shea butter lasts a VERY long time. I melt it down in the microwave, and then add Jojoba, Almond, and a bit of lavender oil. LouisianaCasinoSept2013Mix it up, and sit it out to allow it to harden. I add it right after my newly-washed hair and twists. I did buy some shea butter that was much too YELLOW and I don’t bit like it. I’m using it all up as I speak now, but I’ll look into buying it from another supplier next time. I buy mine from

So, just wanted to give an updated post on what’s going on with my natural. The length is definitely coming along, and I’m almost at the length I had when I was permed. I do really enjoy my hair now than ever!

Until Next Time!

2013! I can’t keep my hands out of my hair!

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You know, I use to watch those women who would twirl their hair, and twirl, and twirl and twirl. TV started making fun of those types of women who twirl their hair when they flirt, and so I don’t see that as a quote-end-quote “sexy” thing anymore.

Now, I know EXACTLY why these women just twirl their hair.

The obviously really LIKE IT!!!

And I’ve become one of them. I can’t keep my darn fingers out of my hair! I keep touching it, pulling it, playing with it…and I CAN’T STOP!!!

There may be some days I just don’t like the way my hair looked, but I still twirl a few strands…just because. I sit in my car at a stop light and my hands automatically go to my hair and I still pull this or that, or detangling. Just having fun with it.

So…yeah, I’m one of those women now, and I use to wrinkle my nose of them, they thinking they’re all cute and stuff.  LOL!! Oh well. Be careful how you act towards others, because you just might become what you don’t like.


Until Next Time!!

2 Years Natural!!!

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Soooo…it’s been awhile since I’ve put an update on this blog site. Not much else to state after being doing this for so long. Things are so much easier and working with my hair takes the same amount of time now as it did when I had a perm. Washing is a bit longer, but I still just do it once a week. Getting my hair done in the morning…not much to do but wet it, pull it back with Aloe Vera Gel, and tie it down for my 45 min to 1hr commute to work. Easy Peasy!!

Here is what my hair looked like in September. I’ve skipped August. I couldn’t find a picture. But I really do love the below picture. My hair looks like this right after a wash. It’s fluffed out and curly. By the end of the week, though, it looks much shorter


Here’s you can see it shrinks just a bit


Then I have my length when it’s wet and I twisted it to dry and keep from tangling. It’s just about the same length as my perm before I started to go natural…almost. Still got maybe a few inches to go.

oct2012a    oct2012b

Sorry, the picture came out a bit awful, but you get the idea. Anyway, just wanted to give you an update on my


I had started off not promising myself anything and really thinking I might just quit with all the hard work I had to do while transition, but it really paid off.  It’s actually been worth it. I’m enjoying the texture of it and watching it grow. This part is really fun and not much effort or work at all. I can say that now, since all the hard work is OVER!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until Next Time!!

20 Month Natural

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Soooo… I took a cruise in July and had a great ole time. I’m using my same ole hair do, nothing fancy because I don’t have time to figure out any fancy stuffs. So this hair-do is basically all I do…every day.

In the picture below, i’s kind of flat on one side because I didn’t fluff it out a bit after lying on it for a nap, but it looked very nice during the portraits.

Ok. Just sending a real quick update. I really don’t have much more to add. I’m still washing my hair once a week with putting my conditioner on sectioned hair and rinsing off. I’m also now using shea butter mixed with jojoba oil and almond oil that I only put in after I wash my hair — once a week.

I’ve even stopped wearing my shower cap in the shower so I can get some moisture on my hair before bedtime. It mostly soaks up the lower back of my head, but I spread it around. I don’t put my entire hair under the water, but I just let it get wet while I bathe. The coconut oil is on my hands, that I use on my body after a shower, is basically what I do after the shower on my hair as well…just the remnants of it, not a whole lot, and I do that every night.

In the morning, I use my sprints of oil and water, and put my scarves on, and night cap, for my commute drive to work.

That’s about it! Takes me less than 3 minutes to do my hair in the morning…which I am completely Loving it! It actually about the same amount of time I took to do my hair with my perm, where I have to take out rollers, brushed it back, and use a banana clip. Hmmm…it might take less time.  I had thought I would have to take sooo much time on my hair, but now that the transition is over, it’s a piece of cake. It’s a lot less time to do my hair and work with it, and that is what I wanted and I am quite okay with that!

Until Next Time!


19 Month Natural

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Okay, some I’m posting this in July but gonna change the date for June because of my June pics.

I wanted to show you how I put my hair up for work. I used a thin satin scarf to hold back my hair and another scarf around my sides to keep the sides down. This sits on my hair during my 45 minute commute while I drive. Oh yeah, and a satin night cap for for the Afro puff on the damp hair.

Cover Junetop2012    CoverJune2012SideCoverJune2012DoRag

And this is how my hair looks after I take the scarf and night cap off

June2012Front     June2012topside

I had trimmed the ends this month of June as well.

Just showing off how my hair is looking during this summer in Houston. And it’s been very, very easy to keep it going. for July pictures.

18 Month Transition– Actually THE END

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Here we are again, with lots and lots of pictures!! These actually are for APRIL 2012, but I’m just now loading them up in May.

I’ve been on medical leave and put my hair up in twists for 6-weeks, using only hats whenever I went out. I only took it down twice during that time to wash and trim and get the excess shedding hair out. Here are the pictures for the second washing of that.

First, I took my hair down after spraying it A LOT with water.


Then I section my hair so that I can then put in my mayonnaise. I ran out of those clips with teeth on one side, so I used normal long clips on the other side. Also, I only used the teeth clips because I also did my mayonnaise/egg combination (2 eggs, 3 tablespoon of mayonnaise). Sorry, the fourth picture is very blurry, but it has the mayonnaise in it.

April2012topapril2012sideclipb   april2012sideclip  April2012wash

When I do the mayonnaise/egg protein conditioning, I make use of stuff…like my daughter’s food mat. Yeah! I really like this idea because I can still sit in the living room and make a mess without messing up the carpet.  Pictures below is her Winnie The Pooh food mat, which, being now 2 1/2 years old, she no longer needs. So, Mommy’s using it!


Starting from Left to Right for the picture below are all the items I use for my mayonnaise/egg and then conditioner routine. I made some closer images of the items as well.

  1. Scissors for trimming
  2. Hair clips
  3. Plastic gloves for applying the messy mayonnaise/egg mixture
  4. The mayonnaise/egg mixture in bowl
  5. Shea Butter Mix with Almond, Jojobo, and Coconut Oil
  6. Ouchless hair ties
  7. More hair clips
  8. Wide-tooth comb
  9. Rollers (flexi rods or ) to hold the 3-strand twists
  10. Two plastic hair caps to cover over the clips
  11. Vo5 Passion Fruit Conditioner
  12. Almond Oil
  13. Jojoba Oil 
  14. Hand towel to wipe up drips

April2012stuffall  aprilstuffa

After rinsing out the mayonnaise in the sink, I then put the conditioner in and rinse that out in the shower. I applied the oils and then, when twisting, I used my Shea-butter mixture. Below is the bags on my head for when I had the conditioner sit in my head for awhile.

april2012bags  april2012bagsside

Here is the hair shedding and trimming starting from left to right.

  1. Hair that came out when I applied just water and while sectioning hair
  2. Hair that came out after the mayonnaise/egg rinse
  3. Hair that came out while putting in the conditioner
  4. Hair that I trimmed (that’s in the bag)

This was the final trim of getting out the last bits of permed hair. Most of the hair was cute little, natural curls.


Here’s the result at work after all of the hard work. It’s the first time I had it out after six weeks of being in flat twists.


I must say, I do love the little afro puffs when I section out my hair, and now, my hair is so much easier to deal with, especially without the bits of perms ends.

Though, I will still complain that this is A LOT of work!!…. I’m still enjoying the adventure

Until Next Time!!

17 Month Transition

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Almost to a 1 1/2 of transitioning and being natural! I didn’t do any trimming, so a few of my ends are still a wee bit permed. I’m just sharing some pictures on how my hair looks at its 17 month mark.

I needed to do something with my hair for my recovery time during my medical leave. I twisted my hair ithout looking in a mirror. I’m not the best at doing hair, so it’s not some decor to look at. LOL! I was waiting for surgery when these pictures were taken. This was actually end of February. I rolled the ends up with rollers and took the rollers out in the front.


They were two-stand, flat twists, and they actually held up for 3 weeks until I took it down to take the below pictures. My hair is a wee damp so that I could handle it. I just sprayed the twists with water before unraveling them. I put them up in individual sections, put my conditioner one each section, and rinse them out. That’s my washing routine now.


My hair actually looked more like an Afro-like in the seventies! Pretty cool! I think it’s grown more since I last saw it before the twist. Hmmmm.

Next month, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my hair since I’m going to retwist it back up until I go back to work. As for going out, I’m not doing much of that lately, but if I need to, I just put my hat on.

Until Next Time!