Natural Hair and Hardhats

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HardHatBeing in an office environment, I’ve had the perks of wearing “office wear”. And then came a time when I had to wear…a hard hat.

I had NO idea what to do with my HAIR!!!!!

My job required that I wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for me to do what I do, my magic, in programming on a construction site. Then there’s the thing I had to face–the hardhat issue and my natural hair.

For all my time being natural, I’ve always worn it out. It’s not what you’re suppose to do, but since I leave in Texas, the weather here allowed me to do this. I never went to “protective styling”. I wore it slicked back with an afro.

But an Afro can’t go under a hardhat. So, I had to figure out what to do with my hair in order to get it under that hat!
So, back to my wonderful two-twists that I use to wear ALL the time when I had permed hair. It was the style I always did when I just didn’t want to deal with curling. And I wasn’t quite sure if I could do it again with natural hair. I mean, my hair is so THICK now.

Lucky was on my side. I went online to see what others did with natural hair and I didn’t find much. But, I did find a short forum and one person mentioned twisting up their hair. Once I knew it was possible, I tried it out.

And it worked!

IMAG1863 IMAG1862 MeInHardHat

So, I’m all geared up with my steel-toe boots, safety glasses, earplugs, vest and…hardhat. My natural hair has grown long enough to wear a deceit hairstyle. Actually, my favorite style. With water, a good clean hair wash, and shea butter, it worked well. And I opted for a side part instead of one right in the middle. This is a protective style, but not one I could have done when my hair first started in. 3 1/2 years later, now I can, even though I didn’t know I could.


And I SWEAR my hair is doing better for it with this protection-of-my-hair-ends thingy. I’ll let you know how much faster it’s growing while it’s all tightened up and placed in safety.

Well, that’s it for me! And I hope this helps out for everyone else who has to get their hands dirty out there.

Until Next time!