My Natural Hair is NOT Growing!!

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2014JulyNaturalBeing that I’m in Houston, I can pretty much get away with wearing my hair out all of the time. But then, my job changed and I had to wear a hardhat for a period of time…about six months.
I had no idea how much my hair was growing until I was, again, able to wear my hair out on a regular basis.
In just those few months, my hair had REALLY grown!!
So, now I’m a TRUE BELIEVER of protecting your hair.
Wearing your hair out is supposed to be ONLY for those special occasions, but I just can’t help it. I like wearing my hair out, and Houston’s weather allows me to do that. But, for me to be honest with myself, for my hair to really grow, I had to keep it twisted up; and I only believed it because I HAD to protect it while wearing my hard hat…and then it GREW!

For four (4) years, my hair was “kind of” growing, but not as long as other women who’s been natural for the same amount of time. My hair should be down my back after these many years…
But… I kept wearing it out.

Now that it’s grown this length…I still wear it out. LOL!! Yeah. I can’t help it.

The first picture is basically been my length for several years, and the 2nd picture is what I do every night before bed–spray with water, and twist it up.What I have noticed is that now that my hair is a certain, longer, length, it still continues to grow a bit more faster than when it did the first several years.Or it could just be all in my mind, because I’m just not use to this length yet.I’ll know for sure in a few months…next year…when I still haven’t learned my lesson about always wearing my hair out. LOL!!!

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