2013! I can’t keep my hands out of my hair!

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You know, I use to watch those women who would twirl their hair, and twirl, and twirl and twirl. TV started making fun of those types of women who twirl their hair when they flirt, and so I don’t see that as a quote-end-quote “sexy” thing anymore.

Now, I know EXACTLY why these women just twirl their hair.

The obviously really LIKE IT!!!

And I’ve become one of them. I can’t keep my darn fingers out of my hair! I keep touching it, pulling it, playing with it…and I CAN’T STOP!!!

There may be some days I just don’t like the way my hair looked, but I still twirl a few strands…just because. I sit in my car at a stop light and my hands automatically go to my hair and I still pull this or that, or detangling. Just having fun with it.

So…yeah, I’m one of those women now, and I use to wrinkle my nose of them, they thinking they’re all cute and stuff.  LOL!! Oh well. Be careful how you act towards others, because you just might become what you don’t like.


Until Next Time!!