Another Cover Up HairDo

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Got caught again. I washed my hair and now I have to go out to a restaurant to eat.

I had some snoods, but both had unravelled! I decided not to get another one. I then find this thing at a flee market. Someone crochet it and it was pretty solid.

I want more and decided to research HATS FOR NATURAL HAIR.

I ran into several words for the types of hats I wanted: “tams” and/or “beanie” and/or “slouchy”

I put in an order on my favorite place, Amazon, for two of these. I’ll see how it comes out.

In the mean time, back to my story.  So, my hair is soaking wet, right, and in the elastic twists. 

There was nothing I can do about it.

I toweled dried it. Stuck a plastic cap on to cover the wetness. Then put on my nap/sleepy time satin bonnet, and put my beanie on or my favorite Women’s Throwback Knit Beret with Brim (from Amazon, but they’re currently not there anymore darn! Hopefully it comes back. 4th picture below). The satin bonnet was to just cover up the plastic so it didn’t show through the holes of the beanie or beret.

12MonthPlasticDo  12MonthBonnetDo   12MonthBeanieDo   November2011 - Beret

Just add some large hoop earrings and I was okay to go. My hair got the moisture it needed for the day, and I was somewhat decent for the public.

Life was good.

I just need something that looks a bit stylish, and so off to the online store to find them. I’ll take pictures at a later date to show how they look.

Until Next Time!